How much pension will I get?

If you are still employed by the company who sponsors your scheme and the scheme is still active, you will be receiving an annual Benefit Statement with a forecast of your pension.

If you have left the company who sponsors your pension, or the scheme is now closed, you would have received a Deferred benefit statement when you left, with an estimate of your projected pension.

Either way, you will receive a Retirement Quotation, six months prior to your Normal Retirement Age, as defined within the rules of your scheme, as long as the address we have for you on file is accurate.

Some of our Clients have access to a website that allows their members to run their own retirement calculations. We would have sent you information about this and your login details. If so, click HERE to go to the ‘My Pension Tracker’ website.

Alternatively, you can request a retirement quotation, based on the date that you want to retire. The number of free quotations you can request, may be limited by the Trustees of your scheme. You can request your Retirement Quotation HERE.

We would also suggest that you keep your Expression of Wish form updated. You can download a form HERE.